1. Identify the real market problem

This is where it all begins. Knowing the exact challenges your customer is facing requires research. Explore, interview, compare and analyze form a clear picture of the pain points in the market.

2. Understand how your solution meets the need

How is your answer better than any other solution? Evaluate your solution relative to the competition and delineate the exact ways you stand out and provide extra value.

3. Position empathetically, strategically and remarkably

Articulate your unique value in ways that motivate and inspire. Uncover the soul of your brand and articulate it in the context of needs of your customer with a look, a feel and a message that is certain to move your market.

4. Develop a go-to-market plan

Find your customer’s channels and determine how to reach them. The right message formed into supporting, substantive content must be created along with a strategy to ensure it lands in the right place at the right time.

5. Execute the plan

Engage your customers, and carefully watch their response. Tracking is imperative and is more possible today than ever before. It provides the basis for refining the plan.

6. Evaluate the results

Analyze your wins and losses. Monitoring real engagement is the best research of all. It provides the intel to adapt, revise and re-engage to achieve even better results.


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