It was the end of 2010. The sun was just beginning to peek out of the clouds of the 2008 recession and business leaders were starting to reckon with the fact that the world had fundamentally changed. Money was beginning to flow but it was tentative, experimental and measured.

In the marketing realm, “digital” was the ultra-vogue buzzword, “storytelling” was a romantic new notion to many, and “content is king” (and its various permutations) found its way to the lede lines of many of the popular industry blogs. People were just beginning to understand how millennial sensibilities were going to change the way we do business. The lines were being redrawn.

This is the world into which Golden Spiral was born.

CEO and founder, John Farkas, noticed that the rapid expansion of online market channels had lured many organizations into frantically chasing tactics in the hopes of catching a wave of attention on one of the many social media platforms that were so enticing.

“It was a very disruptive season,” John said. “Many people were hoping to find the new ‘formula’ and seemed willing to spend lots of money, time and effort grasping at straws in hopes of uncovering it. What seemed to be missing was a strong commitment to sound strategy rooted in the ‘world according to digital.’”

Building the Team

Partnering with Bennett Farkas, a brilliant designer and creative mind, and Peter Smith, an innovative and aggressive business leader, John set out to create an agency tailored to answer that need. They pulled together a team that combined a fundamental understanding of narrative flow, extraordinary creative energy, and the guts to redefine standards then surrounded it all with sound marketing fundamentals. That is Golden Spiral.

Focusing Efforts

In 2014 amid increasing growth and opportunity we elected to focus our efforts. Our team shares a passion for the business to business arena, so that is where we turned our sights. We aimed to bring uncommon, focused marketing expertise to B2B enterprises. The dawn of 2015 brought a further re-definition as we focused even tighter on the world of B2B technology. We love making complex stories pragmatic, easy to understand, and compelling to the market. It is that sensibility that will carry us into our next chapter.

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