The "White Paper" White Paper

The Marketing Value of a Well-Written White Paper

You are an expert in your field. You understand your technology better than anyone. Most importantly, you understand the problem your buyer is trying to solve. As a result, one of the most valuable things you can offer them is a white paper. Download our guide to discover how.


How to Create a Competitive Marketing Analysis [Template]

Fill out this template and use those insights to inform your marketing strategy.

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Building a B2B Product Launch Timeline [Template]

In this post, we’re sharing a very simple and easy-to-use Excel template to help you create a launch timeline.

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The B2B Buyer's Trust Journey [Infographic]

Discover how trust is established throughout the buyer’s decision-making process.

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Content Marketing Matrix for B2B Tech Companies [Infographic]

Visualize and map the most effective types of content for each stage of the sales funnel.

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Marketing to the New B2B Buyer [Infographic]

Find out how millennials are transforming the marketplace.

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How to Create a Sales Presentation That Converts

Your presentation should explain the market problem, offer clear evidence, and then confidently introduce your solution.

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Before & After: B2B Logo Transformations

In this case study, get an inside look at four logo transformations and the strategy behind them.

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The Impact of Our Self-Service Economy

The Self-Service Economy & B2B Marketing

Your buyer’s expectations have been shaped by their consumer experiences and it’s transforming the way they interact with your B2B brand. In this white paper, learn how you can optimize your marketing approach to stand out from the competition, increase profitability, and fill your sales funnel.

Press Kit

Need more information about Golden Spiral for an article or press release? Logos, pictures, and more about our company and our solutions are in this handy downloadable press kit.

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Building a B2B Product Launch Timeline [Template]

To successfully launch a B2B product, you know you need a documented plan. You know that your organization and product need to be ready. And you also know you need a timeline. In this post, we’re sharing a very simple and easy-to-use template to help you create a launch timeline. Download Launch Timeline Template » We… More

How to Keep Failure From Becoming a Bad Word

The director of Google Analytics Marketing, Casey Carey, has an interesting approach to growing his team’s knowledge and competence: Quarterly Failure Reports. These reports consist of a one-page synopsis of tests they’ve run that didn’t exactly go well. Personally, I wouldn’t use the term “fail” if these reports yield valuable insights that help enhance knowledge… More

4 Important Steps to Crafting a Powerful Point of View

Most companies have a description of services, a list of product features, a company history, or an about page on their website, but not every company has a point of view. Companies with a point of view promote core values, they have a personality, and they evangelize a greater purpose than simply what they sell…. More