Right Thing, Right Way

—our work

Temptations to compromise are ever-present. Shortcuts never work. We will always strive to do right by our fellow team members, clients, and vendors. We endeavor to ensure every member of our team is empowered to do their best work, and we maintain the belief that integrity and the resulting trust will ultimately enliven and propel our company.


—our posture

Golden Spiral is inherently a service company. That service starts in the way we treat each other, then extends naturally through our organization to our clients. We endeavor to understand the needs of others and do whatever is in our power (and within reason) to meet them, believing that posture will empower Golden Spiral to thrive.

Bring It

—our energy

We are and will always be an entrepreneurial organization. We need all hands on deck, working together to seize the day. Every part of our team is critical and has open opportunity to influence everything we do. We value sincere initiative and out of the box thinking— focused on solutions.


—our communication

Everyone in our company brings a unique perspective. There are no bad ideas. Open, sincere, honest, clear communication and feedback are requisite to ensure great work. We are not perfect and endeavor to surround communication with humility and kindness. We are free to communicate candidly and considerately, across all levels of our company, always.

Eyes On The Horizon

—our vision

The pace of change is outrageous in our world. It is our job to understand the trends so we can create, innovate and determine direction to answer and lead the future. We then integrate that understanding in the best interest of our clients and our company. “Forward” is our focus—for everyone on our team.

On Time, Every Time

—our commitment

Deadlines are real, not theoretical. They are a promise we must all keep and a sign of respect, discipline, and integrity. If we agree that it can be done, then it gets done as long as the surrounding factors are within our control. That commitment allows us the freedom to be flexible in the rest of our world and it reveals the right times to have fun and celebrate.