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"Golden Spiral purposefully and confidently led us through a process that has resulted in a degree of clarity in our brand message that far surpasses anything we have had or could have hoped for. We are in the business of assessing the competency of professionals and I can say that Golden Spiral is a remarkably competent team.”

Shawn Mathis

CEO, OnSomble

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“We initially hired Golden Spiral to help us completely reimagine our website and create a beautiful user experience. Through that process their team became trusted partners. We continue to rely upon the team at Golden Spiral to help us shape our brand and tell our story in beautiful ways.”

Jason Beck

Director of Communications, Digital Reasoning, Inc.

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"I cannot count the number of impressed customers, press, and investors that have praised our positioning and marketing approach. This is a direct result of the excellent work that Golden Spiral was able to accomplish.”

Aaron Salow

CEO, XOEye Technologies

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